Having a little evening break in Lille

Hotel Carlton in Lille
These are the last days I can sit outside in the evening making a little sketch. Soon it will allways be night at the end of the workday and it won’t be any longer possible. Yesterday was one of these automnal days with still a ray of sun bathing the atmosphere with a warm and soothing light. Cafés terraces were full of young people, students I guess, drinking beers and smoking cigarettes and I felt a little bit jealous of them, of their carefreeness, of their youngness, of that past time, that seems so far away to me now, where you can see the future as a land filled with good promises and wonderful hopes. Everything seemed then so easy, as today everything seems so hard to weigh for me.

Above is a sight of the Hotel Carlton in Lille where former FMI Director Dominique Strauss Kahn was alleged to intercourses with prostitutes.


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