Going to Paris

Lille Flandres Station

The morning at Lille Flandres Station

I often go to Paris for my job. In the morning I have to get up more or less early and hop in the train either in Lille Europe or in Lille Flandres. In the evening, when I come back, I have to go to the Gare du Nord Station which is one of Europe biggest railway station. I really enjoy my frequent trips to Paris because it is always a time when I can have a break to draw or write, even if sometimes I have to do more serious things like finishing on my laptop a important work file.

This day was one of this nice autumn day where sun still bathes with a warm light the streets of Lille and Paris. So I stood on a café terrace and drew my ink pen to do some sketchings. You can see the result above and below.

Gare du Nord

The evening in Paris



A propos Jean Jean

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