Breaking Bad News

Breaking bad news

Man reading the Bad Newspaper in the TGV. Stormy weather surrounded him while he was leaned over all the scandals, bad news, wars and so on on the thin pages of paper he hold in his hands

I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere. Medias seem to bring only bad news. Whether you watch the news on TV, read the newspapers or listen to the radio, it seems to happen only bad things in our world.

In France, for example, we have what we call « La Crise », the Economic Crisis. Whaoo ! It lasts since 30 years and it’s never ending. Unemployment rates raises every month, poverty increases, factories shut down. Medias love to frighten us with those freaky events. You never hear of companies that hire a lot of workers. Neither do they speak about economic achievements of our country (except in some intellectual conservative newspapers only read by bosses). The result is that you end up by believing everything goes wrong. And it’s very stressful.

Is it the same for you in your country ?

Bored travelers

Bored travelers reading books or, maybe, bad news 😉

In the "Wagon bar"

At least, some people are still alive and seem to enjoy their journey in the train



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