Weekend in Boulogne Billancourt

This weekend, with my wife and son in law, we traveled to Boulogne Billancourt a town in the southwest of Paris. A real big town. To visit some family. Here are some pictures I’ve made to remember these wintery moments a few days before Christmas.

Boulogne Cemetery

We slept in a room just in front of an old cemetery. On the skyline you can see all the typical parisian building, called « Immeubles Haussmanien ». I didn’t have time to go to the cemetery though I wanted to do a sketch of the graves inside.

Journey in Boulogne

We spent our day doing shopping and we visited the « 30’s museum » where I could sketch some typical objects from this period.

Paris XVIemeT

The next day we went to Paris and stroll around the XVIeme district which is one of the wealthiest in Paris. All buildings are just piece of art and everywhere you look you can smell the money and the wealthiness of its inhabitants.


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