The Girl with a Black Hat and a Red Coat

Café in Lille

On wednesday morning last week, while the cold was biting my skin, I sat under a small heater on a cafés terrace and start drawing. First there was this guy who played compulsively with its blackberry. All its life seemed to be contained in it and he barely lift his head up to sometimes look around probably waiting for an email or a short message. Stupidly he didn’t see the nice looking girl next to him. But I didn’t miss her.

She sat in front of me. She really had a beautiful face and as she spoked with an unknown man she coundn’t keep smiling gently at him making her look as a magnificent vision to me. Fortunately she showed me her profile so it was easier to put her features on my sketch book. I hope (if you are a man) you will enjoy her face as I did that day.

Click here to see where this sketch was made


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