December sketches

Not much time to sketch by these times. I’m very busy with my job. All customers want their project to be brought forward before holidays. And, all over that, is the weather, not really favorable to enjoy a stay at the outside for a little sketch. Anyway I gathered some of my  « works of art » for you to enjoy as a little Christmas present from me.

Lille, Place St André

Lille, Place St André : this strange and beautiful mansion is located at the western far side of Lille. I drew it in the cold and windy outside of the middle of the month, though, actually, temperatures are pretty warm this year.

The patient

I drew this guy as I was waiting for the doctor in the waiting room. As soon as he sat down, he took a look at the magazines lying next to him on a low table, picked one, and start reading it anxiously.

Roubaix Townhall

The Roubaix Townhall is now almost entirely renovated and there are so much details on it, it is almost impossible to draw it. So I made a quick sketch of it (above) and then a more detailed view of the « beffroi » (belfry) which is a typical architectural gimmick of the Flanders cities.

A business conversation

Here are two guys who sat next to me in a restaurant. The kind one full with workers at noon time. It was friday, so many of them allowed themselves a glass of very strong belgian beer, so you can imagine they won’t be very efficient in the afternoon. Here I imagined (in French) their conversation about some organization issue in their company.


A propos Jean Jean

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