Back to work

Back to work
One of the most difficult things in my life is to get back to work after the year’s end celebrations. Not that I don’t like my job, but since one of my highest pleasure in life is remaining in my bed till late, getting out of it at a decent hour (a seven o’clock in the morning, which is not either that early) makes me feel ill as sentenced to death. This is why my wife has to prepare a full heavy load tank truck of coffee if she wants me to clear off the floor to arrive in time at my office.

But there is a little trap this year because of the end of the year public holidays dates right in the middle of the week. So it is almost impossible to get used to the workday rhythm  during two weeks. What a shame !

So, if you feel like me ! I will think of you and of your hard life of work beginning again in two days.

Happy new Year !

(I know it’s tomorrow night, but I’m not sure I will be able to write a word on wednesday, so I give you my wishes now)


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