The worst robber I’ve ever seen

Being a robber isn’t an amateur job. And if one day you intend to commit a hold up, don’t do as this guy who turned himself as a national shame for its profession by attempting and failing a robbery at an innocent neighborhood bakery.
(video in French but wait to see the spectacular robber attack and the not less spectacular saleswoman counterattack)

Many things can be concluded of those eloquent pictures.

  • To be a bakery saleswoman is a dangerous job
  • Bakerysales women don’t fear heavily armed robbers even if they handle out an enormous gleaming gun at them (at least in France which is, as everyone knows, a peaceful country where people don’t shoot at them for a yes or a no 😉 )
  • If you happen to intend to rob a bakery, you better try a bank instead. Employees are insured and payed to be attacked and besides they don’t  have brooms on hand to repel an enemy
  • Stealing is bad, work instead! And if you’re good, you can even make a living out of it 😉

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