Is our world turning too fast ?

Croquis de la Gare de Tourcoing

What was the meaning of time back so far away to the early XXth century ? Very often now I ask myself « Were our ancestors as pressed by time as we are ? Were they always in a hurry as we are always ? When I look at the architecture of the beginning of the XXth century, as the one of the Tourcoing Railway Station, I get the feeling, I am pretty sure, they didn’t.

Every piece of this station is a work of art. Every stone is sculpted, every piece of metal or brick is put together to create a quiet harmony, an inspiration to something different than performance, high speed, economic efficiency (though our ancestors surely tought the big clock above the roof of the station was the symbol of these factors). You need plenty of time to look at it like, with all its decorative elements, all its useless sculptures which are there only to give pleasure to our eyes. Nothing here could appear to a XXIth centtury human being as efficient, as fast, as profitable, as a building made to move passengers quickly from a point to another as a station would be built nowadays.

This is why I enjoy so much to draw these old-fashioned building, because they remind me a time of history where not everything was turned toward the economy but also toward beauty and time, a time where you can enjoy things without any pressure feeling. Do you think I am nostalgic ?


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